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I am looking for communication framework with message marshalling and network stack. I have experience with ICE and protobuf but would like to open to better solution. I found the LCM (Lightweight Communications Marshalling) in googlecode and would like to have more review and comparsion.

Any one have experience in LCM and how you compare it with ICE and Thrift?

More specific requirement:

  1. RPC - better async, but sync is also acceptable - for GUI to interact with server. Basically 2 types:
    a) add/remove job - job can run for whole day or until remove.
    b) change job parameters.
  2. pub/sub - GUI will listen to status updates from server. Updates can be job status, system status, etc.
  3. HA is bonus

The client is an GUI application running on windows while server process will be running on Linux. The basic desgin is to have multiple server process each responible for different type of job.

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It depends on your app and your requirements. Please elaborate. –  ccleve Dec 5 '12 at 4:19
Is it a web browser based GUI? –  Arun Taylor Dec 5 '12 at 17:55

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