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I am building an application using IPP (through the php devkit) to get data from customers quickbooks. I anticipate that many of my users will have multiple shipping addresses in their company files. Is it possible to get each shipping addresses?

The response I get using the call (using the php devkit)

$CustomerService->findAll($Context, $realm, $query, $page, $limit);

Seems to only return one shipping address. This thread suggests that multiple shipping addresses is not supported, but perhaps things have changed in the past 2 years.

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QB 2013 is starting to accept multiple addresses through the SDK.

However, for IPP v2, only the default shipping address will be available.

William Lorfing

Intuit Partner Platform, Developer Relations

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Worth noting that the spec for v3 DOES include support for multiple addresses... though Intuit hasn't really given anyone a good idea of when v3 will actually become available. –  Keith Palmer - consolibyte Dec 5 '12 at 18:11

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