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I am developing a simple application for windows 8. And now I want to modify the top app bar( i.e it should not look like bottom app bar) and I want it to work much better than only showing the default icons(like navigation job). I want to add my icons of different sizes(length).yes similar to those of weather app or travel app. But I am unable to find any good reference to start with. please help, from where I should start doing it. and whether is it possible to modify the app bar. please guide. note: I am developing app in javascript

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Your very basic top appbar can be implemented using the following HTML:

<div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.AppBar" data-win-options="{layout:'custom',placement:'top'}">
    <!-- your custom top bar content goes here -->

From inside the div, you can add anything to your hearts content, even AppBarCommands. Don't forget to initialize all win controls:

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
    }, false);
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the key that allow that here is actually the layout:'custom' option. If that is not specified, it will not render the custom html –  Maurizio In denmark Oct 18 '13 at 9:11

Quickstart: adding an app bar with custom content

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I have already studied it. But it is not enough to implement the navigation bar. i am kind of beginner in this field. Any Other help would be appreciated. thank you –  user1590595 Dec 5 '12 at 17:02

Read following article, you'll get lot's of good tips

31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #4: New Controls

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thank you for suggestion. but I am developing app in javascript. Clark Sell have not described that in detail. any other suggestion ? –  user1590595 Dec 5 '12 at 5:43

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