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can any one suggest me, how to learn about custom controls in c# for windows mobile, any tutorials regarding some sample app's of windows mobile, how to create new custom control application, owner-draw, etc..please suggest me

Thanks Grabit

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This MSDN article helped me get started with custom controls:


Also it depends what you are wanting to do, but OpenNetCF has a set of controls that provide a lot more customisation than the standard controls in the .netcf.

For example if you want to show an image on a button and set all the colours manually their Button2 class may do everthing you need.

Here is a link to the docs for the Button2 class. I'd recommend checking out the OpenNetCF Smart Device Framework as it has a lot of handy classes that weren't included in the .netCF.


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Thanks, but i needed some more examples were do i get, i dont wanna use opennetCF –  Naruto Sep 3 '09 at 6:57
As Henk mentioned, the principles are the same as the desktop framework and there are heaps of samples out there. What specifically are you trying to achieve? –  Matt Sep 4 '09 at 9:08

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