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I'm getting a JSON string as below

        "id": 20,
        "title": "a",
        "allDay": true,
        "start": "2012-12-04 00:00",
        "end": "2012-12-07 00:00",
        "color": "#eb491d",
        "startDate": "/Date(1354559400000)/",
        "endDate": "/Date(1354818600000)/",
        "Location": "a",
        "StartDatestr": "2012-12-04",
        "EndDatestr": "2012-12-04",
        "StartTime": "00:00",
        "EndTime": "00:00",
        "Alert": false,
        "Repeat": false,
        "RepeatDays": 0,
        "CalendarID": 13,
        "CustomerNo": 593963,
        "CustomerName": "test_apple",
        "IsProspect": true,
        "Description": ""

When I check the length as below it returns "1"


But when I try to access as below it gives Undefined error.

var myAppointment = JSON.parse(data.d);
sessionStorage.CustomerID = data.CustomerNo;

I have no idea. Can anyone please tell me what I'm missing here

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Your JSon data seems to wrapped in an array. Can you try myAppointment[0] in you code. – ryadavilli Dec 5 '12 at 5:40
data.CustomerNo is what is undefined as it should be myAppointment.CustomerNo. then again, is this an array or not? then it should be myAppointment[0].CustomerNo. – Christian Westman Dec 5 '12 at 5:42
console.log(; does not give you the length of myAppointment, it gives you the id of the appointment. – Christian Westman Dec 5 '12 at 5:47
sorry my bad I chagned it to myAppointment.length – Jay Mayu Dec 5 '12 at 5:58

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Change your parsing code to:

var myAppointment = JSON.parse(data.d)[0];
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change the second line like below:

var myAppointment = JSON.parse(data.d);
sessionStorage.CustomerID = myAppointment.CustomerNo;// from data.CustomerNo

you were trying to access the parsed piece from the data object.

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