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i want to check the pattern like \ followed by \ or not . example:\\patterone\\patterntwo i want to check whether \\ pattern exist or not.please help me on this;

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Can you use backticks `` to clarify the text your question? –  nhahtdh Dec 5 '12 at 5:55

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The question as originally asked doesn't make it clear whether you need to detect strings that contain a single backslash (\, spelled as "\\" in Java) or a doubled backslash (\\, spelled as "\\\\").

To check whether a string contains a single \, look for the '\\' character using the indexOf string method:

if (myString.indexOF('\\') != -1) {
  // myString contains \

To check whether a string contains two backslashes, look for the "\\\\" substring instead:

if (myString.indexOF("\\\\") != -1) {
  // myString contains \\

In all cases, backslashes must be duplicated when writing literal strings because of their special meaning to the parser. Such doubled backslash characters represent a single backslash in the resulting string.

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it's really helping me fixing my code; thank you –  Anil Kumar Dec 8 '12 at 5:50

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