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I want to use underscore in menu alias in joomla. For a menu item called "Residential Storage" I want to use "residential_storage" as alias but when I save this it becomes "residential-storage", so underscore is being replaced by hyphen. How can I use hyphen?

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Normally the alias should consist of lowercase letters and hyphens (-). No blank spaces or underscores are allowed.But to use underscore check the link below.This method will replace all (-) to (_).

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Thanks. It works – Zahid Habib Dec 5 '12 at 9:13
glad that it helped.. – Arunu Dec 5 '12 at 10:14

Previous answer do not work for me.

And I find easy (and dirty) way.

  1. Look for \libraries\joomla\filter\output.php
  2. Just after the line (102), which contains: $str = trim($str, '-');
  3. Insert this code: $str = str_replace('ttt', '_', $str);
  4. Now in every menu alias, where you type tripple t it'll be replaced with (_) symbol. You can use other characters obviously. You can even use (-) here, but I do not recommend it. Let's just say- this method is good help when you change CMS, but do not want to loose positions in search results, because of this_kind_of_links on old site and this-kind-link on new. Just remember- you need to use lowercase character for replacements (because all characters becames lowercase after menu saving).
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