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If you just open in Full-HD monitor and start making its width smaller and smaller, It also changes the view/layout.

Handling it with Javascript is simple but It will add lots of code. Can we do it even with CSS Magic (Declarative) ? If yes then how?

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This is called Responsive Web Design when a website adjusts according to screen size...

You can make this kind of responsive website easily through CSS3 Media Queries:

How to write CSS Media Queries for common types of devices

Responsive Web Design: What It is and How to Use It

If you google for Responsive Web Design you will find lots more information on this topic. It's really an amazing method to make your website look great on all devices from small to large screens...

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You would first want to introduce yourself to Responsive Web Design (RWD).

You can make use of a Front-End Framework like Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation. These frameworks give you an extensive list of tools to create a site with RWD.

Or also use CSS Media Queries to do screen resolution detection within CSS and style accordingly.

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