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When I push commits to github repo from windows github client, I can see my github username and link to my profile in history, like this:

initial commit [username]

But when I push changes from SourceTree, in commits history it looks like:

initial commit [mac_username]

I want my history on github.com looks like the first example (with github username and link to the profile) What settings I should enable in SourceTree to get it?

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Check the config in those repos:

git config user.name
git config user.email

Make sure the repo on Mac has the same settings than the one on Windows.

This thread details how to change those settings in SourceTree, but check if "Allow SourceTree to modify your global Git configuration file" is set: that means it would apply to all your local git repo (Github or not).


The "Full name" is a bit misleading, in that you should use your GitHub login name (and GitHub account email), in order to generate the right commit author history on GitHub.

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Is it possible to change the commits that I have made till now to the new username? I did what you say, and now the commits are showing up on GitHub, but all my older commits are not showing up. Is there some workaround so that I can see all my activities in the "Your Contributions" pane? –  aksh1t Feb 5 '14 at 6:28
@aksh1t yes, using filter-branch: stackoverflow.com/a/870367/6309 and stackoverflow.com/q/7221132/6309 (to manage the push --force) –  VonC Feb 5 '14 at 6:30
Thank you very much :) –  aksh1t Feb 5 '14 at 6:38

Go to preferences and on General tab you can see two text fields, one for Full Name and other for email, set the name whatever you want to appear

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