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I read following link Linux Device Driver Program, where the program starts?

as per this all system calls operate independent to each other.

1> Then how to share common memory between different system call & interrupt handler. but there should be some way to allocate memory ... so that they have common access to a block of memory.

2> Also which pointer to allocate the memory? so that it is accessiable by all ?

Is there some example which uses driver private data ?

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"system calls operate independent to each other" - That is not true; you misconstrue what was written. The user app needs to call open() first, which sets up an internal structure to coordinate user access with system calls. The file descriptor that is returned is actually a tag to retrieve this structure on subsequent sys calls, i.e. you have to provide this file descriptor for read(), write() and ioctl() operations. The close() deallocates this structure and further accesses. The device driver also maintains state info for each device it handles. All OSes use this scheme. –  sawdust Dec 5 '12 at 10:16
@user1870619 I think you might be better off starting with some background reading. I think that the answers would drop into place if you read Linux Device Drivers 3rd Edition. –  marko Dec 6 '12 at 9:38

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