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Fellow Programmers,

I am new to android and I am trying to draw on a image based on giving the x and y axis of the image as the input.So that he pixel value corresponding to the coordinate gets filled with a color that I mention. Say Red color for now.

User Story: Render a image through image view and on a button click I need to pass the co-ordinate value for the image that represents the pixel of the image and fill it with red color. Keep on doing it looks like drawing on the image that I render using image view.

Is this user story is possible to do in Android? If then help me on this. I referred the draw class and canvas class and not sure how to implement.

Looking forward to ur help on developing this user story on android application.



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  1. Take a blank canvas.
  2. Draw your image on the canvas.
  3. Draw points on the canvas by specifying x and y co-ordinates and red color in paint.
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Thanks @user603125.. Can you share some examples or links related to the canvas u mentioned? –  Googler Dec 5 '12 at 19:25

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