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I wanna do a test on a method call similar to:

call_to_method_1 param1

this method can raise for example:

raise msg1 if ...
raise msg2 if ...

My question is How to test exception with its msg1, msg2 exception messages wtih RSpec.

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describe SomeClass do
  let(:some_object) { }

  it 'should raise an exception' do
    some_object.some_method('param').should raise_error(ExceptionClass, "exception_message")

if you raise "message" then the ExceptionClass will be instance of RuntimeClass.

IMO it's better to raise specific type of exception instead of relying on message though.

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thanks you. It works passing raising message to the last arg of raise_error. however I have edited your answer to match exactly what was asked. – channa ly Dec 8 '12 at 4:01

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