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I'm using this path to load Google maps

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script>

In some cases I need to be able to load an older version of the API but are unable to find the links.

Anyone who know where to find?


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See the documentation

The following bootstrap request illustrates how to request a specific version of the Maps Javascript API:


Currently the available versions are: Version 3.10 Reference (Release) Version 3.11 Reference (Experimental) Version 3.9 Reference (Frozen) Versions 3.0 - 3.8 have been retired.

When a version is retired it is no longer available, you are served the "Frozen" version.

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Does this actually work? I'm requesting v=3.15 and when checking the version in the console google.maps.version returns 3.16.2 –  DavidYell Mar 4 at 15:46
It does for me, although I usually request v=3 (the "release" version). –  geocodezip Mar 4 at 15:50
I'm pretty sure that not specifying a version and using v=3 will get you the nightly build. I can't find the docs link now, but this is the gist. stackoverflow.com/questions/10758840/… –  DavidYell Mar 5 at 9:39
v=3.exp gets you the "experimental version" (which I don't think changes "nightly" but certainly could). See Versioning in the documentation –  geocodezip Mar 5 at 14:05
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