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In my asp.net mvc 3 site my actual route looks like /FF.mvc/116/MVt?m=01-12-2012 but some of my users are getting error and they have weird route like


any idea where from this


coming from?

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My hunch is that your applications pages are indexed by the search (google) engine (perhaps against your wishes :)). If you search anything for example your apps name in google you will see a similar ossw=((qncufuh)niah(r)mt` string in the address bar when the results are returned.

enter image description here

Some employee has searched the page link in google and tried to access it from there.

Inorder to prevent the search spiders from indexing your application's pages add a robots.txt file in your application.

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Have you tried something like:

Url = "/FF.mvc/116/MVt?m=" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode("01-12-2012")

I don't know if the char '-' will be error. the ((qncufuh).... might come from some strange language code.

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This code is working correctly on many clients the problem is arising on one or two user –  Tassadaque Dec 22 '12 at 4:29
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