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Currently all my models are in models.py. Ist becomming very messy. Can i have the separate file like base_models.py so that i put my main models there which i don't want to touch

Also same case for views and put in separate folder rather than develop a new app

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Yes, it's doable. It's not particularly pretty though:

make models a module, so your directory structure looks like this:

- models
|- __init__.py
|- some_model.py
|- some_other_model.py
|- ...

now, the magic lies in __init__.py and some little extras in the models. __init__.py:

from some_model import SomeModel
from some_other_model import SomeOtherModel

__all__ = [ 


class SomeModel(models.Model):
    class Meta(object):
        app_label = 'yourapplabel'
        db_table = 'yourapplabel_somemodel'
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thanks for the underscores acjohnson55, it was a little early in the morning –  tback Dec 5 '12 at 9:58

Everything acjohnson55 said, plus the fact that you need to specify the app_label attribute in each model's Meta class.

A link to an actual example on github: https://github.com/stefanfoulis/django-filer/tree/develop/filer/models

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you can separate the model file like this :
-------------- init.py
-------------- usermodels.py

in the init.py:
---------------from usermodels import *
---------------from othermodel import *
and in the *models.py , add META class:
--------class Meta:
--------------app_label = 'appName'

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Yes, just make a folder called models and in that folder put all of your separated model files. You need to put a file called __init__.py in the models folder for it to be considered the models module. In __init__.py, use from ... import ... to put the names you want available directly in yourapp.models, otherwise you will have to import them as yourapp.models.base_model, or whatever submodule name you use.

Also, in each model, you will have to add a Meta attribute called app_label = 'yourapp' to make sure your models are recognized as part of the app.

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