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I know that we can normally give the parameters while running the jar file in EC2 instance

But how do we give inputs through code?
I am trying this because I am trying to call my java code from a jsp, so in the java code ,I want to directly pick up data from s3 and proceed , I tries like this but in vain:

DataExtractor.getRelevantData("s3n://syamk/revanthinput/", "999999", "94645", "20120606",
             "s3n://revanthufl/gen/testoutput" + "interm");

here s3n://syamk/revanthinput/ I was using input and instead of s3n://revanthufl/gen/testoutput.
I was using output and in the parameters I am using the same strings(s3n://syamk/revanthinput/ and s3n://revanthufl/gen/testoutput) to run the jar.But doing like this from code is throwing and exception,

[java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key must be specified as the username or password (respectively) of a s3n URL, or by setting the fs.s3n.awsAccessKeyId or fs.s3n.awsSecretAccessKey properties (respectively).] with root cause

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Based on my usage of flume, it would appear that you need to format your URL like s3n://AWS_ACCESS_KEY:AWS_SECRET_KEY@syamk/revanthinput/ when calling s3 from within code.

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