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I'm currently busy with 13 input fields that's results get merged into a variable, I have to split it into 13 for I need to add a block effect such as you will find on many forms in the real world. the limit to each block is one, I need to find away so that when you insert a digit, it goes to the next field until all fields have been filled then a validation function will fire off.

Heres the html:

<div id="error"></div>

<form id="idCheck">
<input class="id" id="idnumber1" maxlength="1" />
<input class="id" id="idnumber2" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber3" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber4" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber5" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber6" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber7" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber8" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber9" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber10" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber11" maxlength="1"  />
<input class="id" id="idnumber12"  maxlength="1" />
<input class="id" id="idnumber13" maxlength="1"  /><span id="status"></span>
<p> <input type="submit" id="check" value="Check" /> </p>

<div id="result"> </div>

and heres the javascript:

function Validate() {
   jQuery('#error p').remove();
   var error = jQuery('#error');
  var p1 = jQuery('#idnumber1').val();
  var p2 = jQuery('#idnumber2').val();
  var p3 = jQuery('#idnumber3').val();
  var p4 = jQuery('#idnumber4').val();
  var p5 = jQuery('#idnumber5').val();
  var p6 = jQuery('#idnumber6').val();
  var p7 = jQuery('#idnumber7').val();
  var p8 = jQuery('#idnumber8').val();
  var p9 = jQuery('#idnumber9').val();
  var p10 = jQuery('#idnumber10').val();
  var p11 = jQuery('#idnumber11').val();
  var p12 = jQuery('#idnumber12').val();
  var p13 = jQuery('#idnumber13').val();

  var idNumber = p1 + p2 + p3 + p4 + p5 + p6 +p7 + p8 + p9 + p10 + p11 + p12 + p13;

any help greatly appreciated.

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You can use keyup and next methods:

$('').on('keyup', function(){
    if (this.value.match(/\d+/)) {
        var $this = $(this);
        if ($'input').length) {
        } else {

function Validate() {
   jQuery('#error p').remove();
   var error = jQuery('#error');
   var idNumber = $('').map(function(){
                      return this.value

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perfect, is it pushing it to request a way to let it backspace to the fields as well? –  Dawid van der Hoven Dec 5 '12 at 9:00

try with below method


Update: jsFiddle Example

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you could try this:



$("input").change(function() {
  var inputs = $(this).closest('form').find(':input');
  inputs.eq( inputs.index(this)+ 1 ).focus();

both is taken from here.

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