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Suppose I have a folder named abc, it has several sub folders recursively, I want to zip everything under abc, when I use the following command

zip -r abc/*

I get, but it contains the top level folder abc, and everything is under abc, like abc/xxx, abc/yyy etc, How can I remove the top level folder abc? I want to put everything directly in


  1. I can only zip from outside of the folder, so navigate to folder abc, and zip * is not work for me
  2. I need to run this command in a single line, I can separated multiple commands by ;
  3. option -j also does not work, since it remove the sub folders, I want to keep them there.
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cp -R abc/* .
zip -r . -x "abc/*"

It copies all the content from abc folder and after zips the current folder excluding abc subfolder.

It works if in your abc subfolder doesn't exist another abc subfolder

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cd abc
zip -r ../ *

Though I will say in most cases keeping it abc makes for easier management.

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thanks for the reply, but I can only zip from outside of the folder. – zdd Dec 5 '12 at 9:06

7z a -tzip -w abc/.


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