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So I have been Googling and I am quite sure my problem emerge from the hasLayout issues with IE7 and lower.

My problem: See image here

The HTML Code under here. The problem lies between the id="header" div and the id="colortab" div.

<div id="header">
    <div class="logo"><img src="images/logo.gif" border="0" alt="" /></div>
    <div class="hotline"><img src="images/ds_garanti.png" border="0" alt="" /></div>
<div id="colortab" class="ddcolortabs">
    	<li><a href="index.php" title="Forside"><span>Forside</span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#" title="Vi tilbyder" rel="dropmenu1_a"><span>Vi tilbyder</span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="#" title="Tilbud" rel="dropmenu2_a"><span>Faste Tilbud</span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="ds-garanti.php" title="Garanti"><span>Garanti</span></a></li>
    	<li><a href="kontakt.php" title="Kontakt"><span>Kontakt</span></a></li>

<!--1st drop down menu -->                                                   
<div id="dropmenu1_a" class="dropmenudiv_a">
<a href="staal-smedearbejde.php">Stål og smedearbejde</a>
<a href="vvs-arbejde.php">VVS arbejde</a>
<a href="udlejning.php">Udlejning</a>

<!--2nd drop down menu -->                                                   
<div id="dropmenu2_a" class="dropmenudiv_a">
<a href="tilbud-staal-smedearbejde.php">Tilbud på stål og smedearbejde</a>
<a href="tilbud-vvs-arbejde.php">Tilbud på VVS arbejde</a>
<a href="tilbud-udlejning.php">Tilbud på udlejning</a>

<script type="text/javascript">
//SYNTAX: tabdropdown.init("menu_id", [integer OR "auto"])
tabdropdown.init("colortab", 3)

And the belonging CSS can be seen here http://mhlhost.com/stackstyle.css

Very much appriciated if someone can help me out here. I can't figure out which elements causes me trouble :(

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Its very hard to answer that question from just looking at the source and CSS. If I can see the live site, I'd probably be able to help more. Static analysis on CSS, especially considering IE, is not really something a human can do. –  Guss Sep 3 '09 at 7:56
okay I mainly just don't want google to pick up the url. so here it is mhlhost dot com / nygsmede –  The real napster Sep 3 '09 at 8:21
If you use IE8 you can enable compability mode and it will show you the extra space –  The real napster Sep 3 '09 at 8:22

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Floating the header left will close the gap in ie6/7.

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I cannot thank you enough, I really mean that! solved hours of frustration.. that litle line.. care to explain why? –  The real napster Sep 3 '09 at 13:06
I don't remember which of the many ie6 vertical space bugs this fixes. I've been using it for years whenever I have to do a rounded-corner box. It's not hasLayout since your header hasLayout from having width. –  Emily Sep 3 '09 at 14:24

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