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I am making a musical instrument (mobile) where I have a rectangle that listens to user touch gestures . I would like to analyse the angle of the finger movement and play a short mp3 file in respond. I was researching and found a few options to use where I listen to the touch_end event and calculate the angle, however what I would like to accomplish is listening to one long swipe (going up , down, sideways etc.) and playing sounds accordingly.

Use case - user touches centre of the rectangle , swipes upwards , to the right , down (without removing finger) : output - playing upSound.mp3 , playing rightSound.mp3 , playing downSound.mp3 .

putting it together (should be fast gestures):

swipes upwards : playing upSound.mp3 ,

to the right: playing rightSound.mp3

down (without removing finger) : playing downSound.mp3

user ends gesture by removing finger.

My question- is there any library or tutorial that might help me accomplish this task .


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This may help you find that gesture angle

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Thanks , made me realize I can do a lot just with the event properties , no need for a utility to help although would be nice – Eran Dec 18 '12 at 11:18

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