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i do copy data from one db to another. first DB has cp1251 codepage.

step one

i did copy data from first db to simple csv file using simple java programm. Console out is readable during extracting data from DB.

codepage of csv file utf-8 (i checked it in several text editor and all data is readable, and text editor define charset of file as utf-8)

java machine default charset is utf-8 csv file in utf8 charset new mysql db is in utf8 file

this out on command status in mysql cmd

Server characterset:    utf8
Db     characterset:    utf8
Client characterset:    cp866
Conn.  characterset:    cp866
TCP port:               3306
Uptime:                 25 min 29 sec

all tables and charsets in mysql db are in utf-8

i insert data into mysql using another simple java programm

data in mysql is unreadble

config for mysql server


## UTF 8 Settings
#init-connect=\'SET NAMES utf8\'


fount on server side that jvm using utf16 not a utf8 which could be issue with preparedstatement in jdbc.

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Show the code for how you connect to the database and example how you send queries. – Esailija Dec 5 '12 at 11:43

The java connection string for the JDBC communication:


There is overlap/redundance/too-much in the settings (server + client + JDBC-communication), but that should do it for the JDBC part.

If the problems persist, try again default settings, and specify UTF-8 on the CREATE DATABASE/TABLE/column.

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i did tried it as well with no effect as well as "all tables and charsets in mysql db are in utf-8" db itself as well in utf-8 – simar Dec 5 '12 at 10:28
Do you any file operations in java? – Joop Eggen Dec 5 '12 at 18:49

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