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How to implement UILabel with "this-kind-of-text" (also mixing font size) for iOS 5.0? I gave a try with NSAttributedString but it appears most attributes of its attribute constants are for iOS 6.0 only. In iOS 5, such task might be implemented using webview. I also tried an example to use core text but the program crashes with bad access if I try to use partial range. Any working code fragments would be appreciated.

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this project saved me a lot of time playing with labels and formatted text – tkanzakic Dec 5 '12 at 9:28

You can't do it with UILabel on iOS 5 — as you discovered, UILabel only supports rich text on iOS 6.

Take a look at the answers to this question for how you could easily use Core Text to draw the string. (lnafziger's answer is simpler than mine.)

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Try OHAttributedLabel, this might work for you :)

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