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I'm just started to pick up C and I am working on using the RSA cipher in my code. However, this line of code confuses me. Credits go to the author from this site here.

char* intmsg = new char[strlen(msg)*3 + 1];

This is the method which the line can be found.

inline void encrypt(char* msg,FILE* fout)
    /* This function actually does the encrypting of each message */

    unsigned int i;
    int tmp;
    char tmps[4];
    char* intmsg = new char[strlen(msg)*3 + 1];

    /* Here, (mpz_t) M is the messsage in gmp integer 
    *  and (mpz_t) c is the cipher in gmp integer */

    char ciphertext[1000];


        tmp = (int)msg[i];

        /* print it in a 3 character wide format */



    /* free memory claimed by intmsg */
    delete [] intmsg;

    /* c = M^e(mod n) */

    /* get the string representation of the cipher */

    /* write the ciphertext to the output file */
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The first bit you posted is C++, not C. – StoryTeller Dec 5 '12 at 9:28
new is the keywod in c++ but you have tagged C only – Omkant Dec 5 '12 at 9:29
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That code line isn't actually C, it's C++.

    char* intmsg = new char[strlen(msg)*3 + 1];

Means to dynamically allocate a block of memory with room for the given number of chars, 3 times bigger + 1 than the original length of the msg string.

The C equivialent would be

    char* intmsg = malloc(strlen(msg)*3 + 1);

To deallocate that memory block, delete []intmsg is used in C++, while if you used malloc in C, you'd do free(intmsg);

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Though actually, the entire code seems to be more like "C using new". :-) – Damon Dec 5 '12 at 9:58

It creates an array of character which is 3 times larger than the list of characters stored in msg plus one character to store the string ending character '\0'.

More info on the C++ operator new[] here

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Its a line of C++, and its dynamically allocating an array of chars 3 times the length of string "msg" + 1 more (for the null terminator)

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This is C++ and the code allocates an array of char, the size of which is 3 times the length of the messages, plus one. The resulting pointer is assigned to intmsg.

Why does it do that? Because the message is converted, character by character, to a three digit per character decimal number in the loop with the sprintf(tmps,"%03d",tmp);.

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It's c++ code :

char* intmsg = new char[strlen(msg)*3 + 1];

This tells the compiler to create memory for intmsg on heap of length of memory block ie equal to "one more than the 3 times of length of the msg".

means After the execution of this line intmsg started pointing to the block of memory on heap.

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