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When I start a project I usually start by

1 defining the highest level requirements;

enter image description here

2 then for each requirement I set up another sub level of requirements

enter image description here

3 then I take the use cases and do some very light flow;

enter image description here

4 doing a component diagram where I put all the components that are needed; Here I explain why a component exists, what it does (in simple words) and a simple flow (which explain which components uses and why it uses);

enter image description here

5 sequence diagrams (are not standard but they include simple if/else)

enter image description here

6 do some flow diagrams or just start coding;

Do I miss something important here or I might improve this technique? thanks

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Few aspect which you may need to stress upon is
1. Abstraction layer.
2. Possible area of future extension-ability.
3. Possible target platform (current and future) - may not direct relate to design pattern and system design - but time and again, I have seen missing this step causing lot of pain when we migrate our system to another platform/vendor.
4. Performance benchmarks and whether our flow (design/system architecture) will suffice it.

Though my answers are not complete and concrete, these areas I have seen to impact a lot in future maintenance of the project.

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thanks (: may you explain in more detail the Abstraction layer part, please? –  Totty.js Dec 5 '12 at 11:55

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