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Suppose i have 3 models which is A B and C and a like this :

def blahblah(request):
    a = A.objects.all(),
    b = B.objects.all(),
    c = C.objects.all(),
    context = {
      a = a,
      b = b,
      c = c,
    return render(request, template, context)

I heard queryset is lazy, so it won't hit the database until we use it. The question is, if i have a template which is only use a like this {{ a }} and not using b or c, how many times we hit the database? Is putting a queryset on context and not use it on template trigger the queryset? Thank you, sorry for my bad English.

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Just once. If you don't actually retrieve any result from b or c, the database will not be hit.

Typically, in a template, this might happen when you use a for loop to extract the individual items from the query set, or if you run an additional method like count. But supposing your template ONLY says {{ a }}, then only a will actually be queried from the DB, although that's a little bit weird to do if you're using all, rather than get.

I should also add that you can use the debug toolbar to actually see what queries are executed.

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