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Let us say that I have a jsp page called ChangeEmail.jsp and a servlet called ChangeEmailServlet.java. In the jsp page, I have a textbox containing the user's current e-mail address. This is fetched from the database. I want to let the user change the value in the textbox.

How can I load the e-mail address from the database in the textbox on page load? Preferrably, I want to do this in the servlet and not in the jsp page.

Thank you.

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I am explaining basic flow How you should design Web Application Flow.

Do not access "ChangeEmail.jsp" directly. Create a Servlet which acts as Controller and based upon parameter e,g, "pageName=ChangeEmail".

Forward to JSP from Servlet and before you forward, perform business logic using Model and store values in request or session scope again as per your need. (Here is your case its fetching email address from database).

Access the attributes in JSP which is your View.

This completes your MVC architecture as well.

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