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Is it possible to copy multiple postgresql queries into single csv file? As of now am copying single query into csv file as

copy (select * from table1) to 'file.csv' with csv header;

Now i want to copy 2 query result together . Is that possible ? something like,

copy (select * from table1,select name from table2) to 'file.csv' with csv header

Any help?

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You can:

copy (select 'table1' as table_id, * from table1
      select 'table2' as table_id, * from table2)
 to 'file.csv' with csv header

If tables have identical structure.

Or you can:

copy (select field1, field2, null, null from table1
      select null,null, field3, field4 from table2)
 to 'file.csv' with csv header

If tables don't have identical structure.

The problem is - COPY ... FROM can only work with tables (details here).

So you will need to: CREATE TEMP TABLE tmp_copy_tbl, COPY tmp_copy_tbl FROM and then INSERT ... SELECT ... FROM tmp_copy_tbl

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