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I'm using the following code, and it works fine in all browsers I've seen, IE9 is fine but then I come to IE8 and it doesn't work at all.. just for reference the #cal_popup_table element is dynamically added to the page..

        $("#cal_popup_table tbody tr td a").live('click', function() {
            $('.datepick-cmd-today').text(from_month + ' ' + from_year);

            var test = from_yeartest + '-' + from_monthtest + '-' + from_daytest;
            var test_new = test.split("-");
            var today = test_new[0] + '-' + test_new[1] + '-' + test_new[2];


Could anyone shed some light on why it might not be working properly, the code inside the function doesn't matter as a simple alert() doesn't work either.. the click event just never fires at all

UPDATE - this is the code (trimmed out some content etc) that is inserted into the page

<div id="cal_popup" class="datepick-popup" style="position: absolute; left: 901px; top: 219px; ">
<div class="datepick" style="width: 195px; ">
    <div class="datepick-nav">
        <a href="javascript:void(0)" title="Show the previous month" class="datepick-cmd datepick-cmd-prev  datepick-disabled">&lt;</a>
        <a href="javascript:void(0)" title="Show today's month" class="datepick-cmd datepick-cmd-today ">December 2012</a>
        <a href="javascript:void(0)" title="Show the next month" class="datepick-cmd datepick-cmd-next ">&gt;</a>

    <div class="datepick-month-row">
        <div class="datepick-month">
            <table id="cal_popup_table">
                            <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="datepicker_link dp1354708800000   datepick-today datepick-highlight" title="Select Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012">5</a>

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Try by removing the tbody:

$("#cal_popup_table tr td a").live('click', function() {

Some browsers add <tbody> to automatically-generated tables, but IE 8 does not.

That's why JS failed to execute your code in IE 8.

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thanks for the help but this doesn't seem have to changed anything still works in everything but IE8 – David Dec 5 '12 at 10:20
can you post the HTML code? – Muthu Kumaran Dec 5 '12 at 10:22
have done that now – David Dec 5 '12 at 10:38

Use on()

    $("#cal_popup_table").on('click', 'tr td a', function() {
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this doesn't seem to work in any browser now.. – David Dec 5 '12 at 10:28
What's your jquery version – Akhil Sekharan Dec 5 '12 at 10:28
the version is 1.7.1 – David Dec 5 '12 at 10:30

I just checked your code in ie8 and its working absolutely fine no problems whatsoever, i have done something in a fiddle:

This is the jQuery code i have tried.

    $('<table border="1"><tbody><tr><td></td></tr></tbody></table>')

    $('<a href="#">clik</a>').appendTo("#cal_popup_table tbody tr td");

    $("#cal_popup_table tbody tr td a").live('click', function() {
          alert('live clicked');
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i can't understand why mine isn't working then.. must be something along the line – David Dec 5 '12 at 10:42

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