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is there any way to return the number of messages that are unacknowledged?

I am using this code to get the number of messages in the queue:

DeclareOk declareOk = amqpAdmin.getRabbitTemplate().execute(
        new ChannelCallback<DeclareOk>() {
            public DeclareOk doInRabbit(Channel channel)
                throws Exception {
                return channel.queueDeclarePassive(name);
return declareOk.getMessageCount();

but I would like to know as well the number of unacknowledged messages.

I have seen that the RabbitMQ Admin tool includes that information (for each queue it gives out the number of Ready/ Unacked and Total messages) and I guess there must be a way to retrieve that from Java/ Spring.



Oks, it seems there is no way to accomplish that programmatically since listing of configuration/ queues is not part of AMPQ.

There is the possibility to enable the management plugin and query the REST web services about the queues (among other things). More info here:


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If application and rabbitmq runs on same machine you could get unacked with rabitmqctl command line tool with list_queues paramter. Check Matthias answer from here groups.google.com/forum/m/?fromgroups#!topic/rabbitmq-discuss/… –  Özhan Düz Dec 5 '12 at 23:54

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As you say in your update, if you enable the management plugin, you can query the rest api:



This returns json with (among other things)

  • messages_unacknowledged
  • messages_ready

It's good stuff if you have a safe route to the server.

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With RabbitMQ 3.4.1, I had to leave out the .queue on the end of the path for this to work. –  Wayne Conrad Jan 15 at 17:59

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