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Quick question,

I cloned a partition from computer A to computer B using Clonezilla. Computer B now has 2 partitions: the old one and the new one.

Everything looks great, but when I try booting the new partition, it doesn't work. What ends up happening is the old partition gets booted. How can I fix this?

In addition, I don't know if it's important but when I run fdisk, the new parition has an asterisk next to it.

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It's possible the MBR (Master Boot Record) is bad. The asterisk next to the new partition means "this is the bootable partition". The fact that it does NOT boot that partition indicates that it tried to boot off that partition but couldn't, so it went to the next one in line.

Try repairing the windows installation using the windows 7 dvd. Do the following steps:
1) Boot with the Windows 7 DVD
2) Choose the "repair" option

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My answer is similar to the one posted by Steve, but this one is tricky. I highly recommend deleting the old partition.

  1. Detach the cables from the other disks, or remove them from the computer.
  2. Delete the second Windows partition from the disk, using a utility. (The one you refer to as old one, listed above.)
  3. Boot with the Windows 7 CD.
  4. Choose the "repair" option when it comes up (this may take a while).
  5. If Windows 7 only sees one partition, it will attempt to make it bootable. Choose yes to the option / message to fix the master boot record when it comes up.
  6. If Windows 7 sees more than one partition, or the repair tool does not automatically fix it, you may need to use the Bootrec.exe tool from the Windows repair utility. This will set the new master boot record. Keep in mind each drive has it's own GUID, so the boot files contain settings that are dependent on the drive.
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