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I am trying to download some page of the following site http://computerone.altervista.org, just for testing…

My goal is to download just the pages matching the following patterns "*JavaScript*" and "*index*".

Actually if I try the following options

wget \
-A "*Javascript*, *index*" \
--exclude-domains http://computerone.altervista.org/rss-articles/ \
-e robots=off \
--mirror -E -k -p -np -nc --convert-links  \
--wait=5 -c  \

it works expect the fact it tries to download http://computerone.altervista.org/rss-articles/ too.

My questions are:

  1. why it tries to download the http://computerone.altervista.org/rss-articles/ page?
  2. how should I avoid it? I tried --exclude-domains http://computerone.altervista.org/rss-articles/ option, but it try to download it

Looking to the source page I get:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0" href="rss-articles/" />
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wget -p downloads all page requisites:

man wget:

To finish off this topic, it's worth knowing that Wget's idea of an external document link is any URL specified in an <A> tag, an <AREA> tag, or a <LINK> tag other than <LINK REL="stylesheet">.

to exclude rss-articles use -X or --exclude-directories

wget -A "*Javascript*, *index*" -X "rss-articles" -e robots=off --mirror -E -k -p -np -nc -c http://computerone.altervista.org

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