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I have domain class User which has many-to-many relationship to domain class LibraryElement. I am trying to filter all the library elements, with certain text in it, that belong to User. This is how the searchable properties and relationship is defined:

User side:

static searchable = {
    id name: 'userId'
    libraryElements component: true

static hasMany = [libraryElements: LibraryElement]

LibraryElement side:

static searchable = {
    users component: true

static belongsTo = User
static hasMany = [users: User]

I am trying to execute search like this:

LibraryElement.search("userId:" + userId + " libraryElementName:" + searchWord + "*")

I am getting 0 results even though in database there is a data that should be hit by this search.

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What is libraryElementName, i didnt see it in LibraryElement, can please elaborate. – Umair Saleem Mar 18 '13 at 6:52
It is a string field inside LibraryElement domain. – rastko Mar 20 '13 at 20:08

Did you tried this:

LibraryElement.search(searchWord +" AND userId:userId", params)


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