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I have a database in which suppose i have a table named Score in Score there are two fields

  1. Id
  2. Name

now when i see that there are many names starting with - for example


now i want to remove leading - from all rows and update them , and leave all rows where name is not starting with - . How can i achieve that in sql . Please mind it that i have millions of records so performance will play a major role .


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Try it like this, it's simple, it might be fast enough:


UPDATE  Score 
SET     Name = RIGHT(Name, LEN(Name) - 1)
WHERE   LEFT(Name, 1) = '-'


Here is an SQL Fiddle

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+1 that is quick and cool. you beat me. –  Kaf Dec 5 '12 at 11:16
@Kaf Thank you :) –  Ivan G Dec 5 '12 at 11:18

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