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How do I use $this->var1 inside a method that is called from a static method? I have this method:

static public function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) {
    $fields = new InputfieldWrapper();
    $modules = Wire::getFuel('modules');
    $field = $modules->get("InputfieldText");
    $field->attr('name+id', 'apiKey');
    $field->attr('value', $data['apiKey']);
    $field->label = "API Key (Developer Key)";
    $field->description = 'Enter the API key';
    $field = $modules->get("InputfieldSelect");
    $field->attr('name+id', 'list_id');
    $mailing_lists = self::get_mc_lists();
    foreach($mailing_lists['data'] as $list)
        $field->addOption($list->list_name, $list->list_id); 
    $field->label = "Mailing list";
    $field->description = 'Choose a mailing list';
    return $fields;

And I want to call this method:

public function get_mc_lists()
    $api = new MCAPI($this->apiKey);

    $retval = $api->lists();

    if ($api->errorCode){
        return array('errorcode' => $api->errorCode, 'errormessage' => $api->errorMessage);
    } else {
        return array('data' => $retval['data'], 'total' => $retval['total']);


But I am getting this error:

Error Using $this when not in object context (line 31

Line 31, which is: $api = new MCAPI($this->apiKey);

So how can I fix this, work around this... I am really stuck on this

Thanks in advance!

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use self::$apiKey – Sorin Trimbitas Dec 5 '12 at 11:21
Fuel seems to be full of statics, smells! – markus Dec 5 '12 at 11:30
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Static Methods don't have any Object associated with them, hence there is no $this reference available inside a static method. However you can declare your variable as static and use it directly without $this reference.

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Trimbitas is correct, you need


$this only works in instantiated objects, not in static class functions.

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