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am new to Spring-jdbc

my query is like :

select status from myTable where id = 10;

I want to execute this query using JdbcTemplet which is available in spring jdbc and get a retrun value and store it in a variable;

public class myClass extends JdbcDaoSupport
  public void getstatus()
   String sql = "select status from myTable where id = 10";
   String Status = this.getJdbcTemplet().executeQuery(sql);

please suggest correct way to do this using JdbcDaoSupport

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check return-type of your getstatus() method. That should be String. –  Nandkumar Tekale Dec 5 '12 at 11:36

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Check spring documentation, it has similar example.

String lastName = this.jdbcTemplate.queryForObject(
    "select last_name from t_actor where id = ?", 
    new Object[]{1212L}, String.class);
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Thank you that worked....!! –  buttowski Dec 5 '12 at 12:07

You can use queryForObject to get back a String.

String status = this.getJdbcTemplate().queryForObject(
"SELECT status FROM myTable WHERE id = ?", String.class, Integer.valueOf(10));
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