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I'm using bootstrap's typeahead for auto complete

I can successfully get a list of items from server and see a drop-down list for suggestion words using following code:

        source: function( query, process ){
            var queryParameters = form_params(document.getElementById("search"));
            var inputid = this.$element.attr('id');
                "GET DATA From SERVER"
        minLength: 1,         
            var id = this.$element.attr('id');

the problem is in the updater. When I select one item in the drop down list, the item parameter is the correct string I selected. I want to display the selected item in the input text field, however nothing happens. Both



    document.getElementById('id').value = item;


Does anyone know how to set the value of a text input field in bootstrap's typeahead updater?

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hard to debug your code, you should make running example at jsfiddle.net –  Frederic Bazin Dec 6 '12 at 15:51

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Dynamically setting the selector is difficult, I am not sure you can do it but worth a go: try:

var itemSelect = "'#" + id + "'";


var itemSelect = document.getElementById(id);
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