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I'm attempting to send an iCalendar invite with a RSVP requirement, I've got it sending a properly formatted icalendar, and I can select a response (Yes, No, Maybe), problem is when this is sent, it just goes as an email to the organizer address saying "I clicked 'option'", instead of being picked up as a response.

This is particularly desirable for Outlook which has a list of attendees in it's calendar view and shows the status of these.

I also noticed that when the organizer changes the time or date, this is only a local edit (same if an attendee tries changing the time, a proposal isn't sent to the organizer), I'm uncertain why this is, I'm using the following format:

PRODID:Microsoft CDO for Microsoft Exchange\n
DTSTART:" . $dtstart . "\n
DTEND:" . $dtend . "\n
LOCATION:" . $meeting_location . "\n
SUMMARY:" . $meeting_name . "\n
DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=quoted-printable:" . $meeting_description . "\n
ORGANIZER;CN=\"" . $from_name . "\":MAILTO:" . $from_address . "\n
ATTENDEE;ROLE=CHAIR:MAILTO:" . $from_address . "\n
UID:" . $dtstart . "-" . RAND() . "@domain.tld\n

I am performing all these actions using PHP.

The ATTENDEE;ROLE=CHAIR line was implemented as a test to try and get the organizer changes to be sent to attendees and was not originally apart of the calendar body.

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