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I have th e following model relationships:


var $hasOne = array(
    'SeminarAttendence' => array(
      'className' => 'SeminarAttendence'


var $belongsTo = array(
    'Enquiry' => array(
      'className' => 'Enquiry',
   'foreign_key' => 'enquiry_id',

my post data looks like this:

[Enquiry] => Array
        [first_name] => joe
        [last_name] => soap
        [email_address] => 
        [tel_home] => 
        [tel_work] => 
        [tel_cell] => 

[SeminarAttendence] => Array
        [branch_id] => 178 // this has no table relation it's for a web service

I saveAll this in a controller:

$this->Enquiry->saveAll($this->data, array('validate' => 'first', 'atomic' => false

when I am done I get result like this in the SeminarAttendence

id  branch_id  enquiry_id
1   4               0
2   4               0
3   3               0
4   1               0

It worked fine on php5 yesterday, now when i ported it to our dev server (php4 ) it doesnt work?

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nevermind i just did it the old trusted way, saving each model in serial –  brndnmg Sep 3 '09 at 9:31

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It's not cakephp problem. because cakephp is made for php4, and works properly on php5. maybe something wrong with datebase, or config

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