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I am new to Python. I have created some C/C++ extensions for Python and able to build those with the help of Python disutils setup script. But, I have to integrate this setup script to an existing build system. So, I wrote another script to call this setup script using run_setup() method.

distributionObj = run_setup("",["build_ext"])

Now, I want if any error occurs during the building of extension (Compiler, Linker or anything), I must be able to get the information along with the error string from the caller script to notify the build process.

Please provide me some suggestion.

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distutils1 (first version) uses too a internal version of logging (a bit hardcoded, it is not using the standard logging module). I think that it is possible to set the verbosity level coding something like:

import distutils.log
distutils.log.set_verbosity(-1) # Disable logging in disutils
distutils.log.set_verbosity(distutils.log.DEBUG) # Set DEBUG level

All distutils's logging levels available:

INFO = 2
WARN = 3

You can see the source code of the class "Log" of distutils for reference. Usually for Python 2.7 in /usr/lib/python2.7/distutils/

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Setting DISTUTILS_DEBUG=1 in the environment will cause debug logging.

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DISTUTILS_DEBUG=1 python develop worked for me. -v didn't. (Python 2.7.6) – mpavlov Jul 2 '14 at 19:02

Passing the -v parameter to python build to increase verbosity usually works to get more detailed errors.

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