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I created a website by using SequenceJS(

My website can navigate left or right in horizontal.

Once .prev or .next is clicked, it will slide and show the content.

I want to make event when specific element is clicked, the .prev or .next will click n times.

It's working fine only 1 click.

    if ($(this).parent().hasClass('current')) {
      //Do nothing
    if ($('#detail').parent().hasClass('current')) {
      $('.prev').click(); // Go back 1 slide
    if ($('#progress').parent().hasClass('current')) {
      $('.prev').click(); // Go back 2 slides.
      $('.prev').click(); // Here, it make it to click 2 times but it doesn't work.
    if ($('#news').parent().hasClass('current')) {
      $('.prev').click(); //Go back 3 slides
      $('.prev').click(); // This one is not work too.

Thanks !!!

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Have you tried using the goto, next or previous functions instead of trying to simulate a user click… – mattmanser Dec 5 '12 at 12:09
Oh. I forgot to look at the documentation. Sorry and thank you. :) – Pakinai Kamolpus Dec 5 '12 at 12:12

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