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Want to enable image button based on the value in the Gridview Field

I want to disable the gridview delete button if the status=1. 1 means already deleted.I am using the below code to disable the delete button it returns the error message "The server tag is not well formed.".

 <asp:TemplateField ItemStyle-Width="20px" HeaderImageUrl="~/images/icn_trash.png" >
     <asp:ImageButton ID="btn_delete" runat="server" Enabled="<%# (Eval("fld_status").ToString()=="0") ? "true" : "false" %>" ToolTip="Delete" OnClientClick="return confirm('Important Alert : Do you delete this item ?')" CommandName="del" CommandArgument='<%#Bind("fld_val_id") %>' ImageUrl="~/images/icn_trash.png" />
  <ItemStyle Width="20px"></ItemStyle>
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Try escaping the quotes

Enabled="<%# (Eval(\"fld_status\").ToString()=="0") ? "true" : "false" %>"

you could also use single quotes like you did here

CommandArgument='<%#Bind("fld_val_id") %>'
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I assume you should use ' here:

Enabled='<%# (Eval("fld_status").ToString()=="0") ? "true" : "false" %>'
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Replace the " with ' and remove the "" around the booleans:

Enabled='<%# (Eval("fld_status").ToString()=="0") ? true : false %>'
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