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I've got a hidden field on my form and I would like to collate and post dates associated to prices in an array so I can use them on another page. At present, I have the following input field defined below.

<input name="arrayDatesPrices[]" type="hidden" 
value="<?php echo PrintDateTime($recordsCourseWeeks->getField('Start_date'),"d/m/Y"); ?>"> 

and when I do a print_r(arrayDatesPrices) on the following page, it lists all the dates in the array. This works exactly as expected. I have another field called $Price_per_week, and I would like to associate the price to the date. I therefore tried the following.

<input name="arrayDatesPrices[]" type="hidden" 
value="<?php echo array(PrintDateTime    ($recordsCourseWeeks->getField('Start_date'),"d/m/Y"), array( $Price_per_week) ); ?>"> 

When I do a print_r(arrayDatesPrices) on the follwoing pages - I get a blank array. Have I got my formatting incorrect or can you do multi dimension arrays input fields?

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Try transferring these things via session instead? – kosturko Dec 5 '12 at 12:13
You are doing <?php echo array(); ?> in your code. It leads to converting array to string which leads to value="Array". You can print_r($array, true) if you need whole array inside value attribute. – Suhoij Dec 5 '12 at 12:28
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Try like this..

<input name="arrayDatesPrices[]" type="hidden" 
value="<?php echo PrintDateTime($recordsCourseWeeks->getField('Start_date'),
"d/m/Y").':'.$Price_per_week ; ?>"> 

After submit...
$i = 0;
foreach( $arrayDatesPrices as $arr )
 list($stat,$wk) = explode(':',$arr);
 $new_arr[$i]['start_date'] = $stat;
 $new_arr[$i++]['wek'] = $wk;
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You can use json_* or serialize finctions to store structure.
For example:

<input name="arrayDatesPrices[]" type="hidden" 
value="<?php echo json_encode(PrintDateTime($recordsCourseWeeks->getField('Start_date'),"d/m/Y")); ?>"> 

And in php code u must call:

$val = json_decode($_REQUEST['arrayDatesPrices'][$i]);
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Maybe you could just put the two values on the field with a ; separator and explode it with you server code after the submit ?

Or think your fields in an other way like :

<input name="arrayDatesPrices[0][start_date]" type="hidden" value="<?php  echo PrintDateTime($recordsCourseWeeks->getField('Start_date'),"d/m/Y"); ?>" />
<input name="arrayDatesPrices[0][price_per_week]" type="hidden" value="<?php  echo $Price_per_week ?>" />

And incrementing the first parameter for each couple of values

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