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I'm trying to tweak a bit jquery.chosen by harvesthq ( I was lightly editing his plugin when I met this line

searchText = this.search_field.val() === this.default_text ? "" : $('<div/>').text($.trim(this.search_field.val())).html();

I can't figure what is doing the last part of it specially


makes no sense for me.

I assume it's a way to convert or protect the chars entered in search_field, but didn't find anything like this before.

Can someone explain it?

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$('<div/>') simply creates a new <div></div> element, which harvestq then fills with the search query, leaving you with:

<div>Your search Query</div>

You can read about jQuery's element creation in the docs

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creates a new div that is not a part of the document.


Sets the new div's content to the search field value as a text, then reads it as HTML. This effectively HTML-escapes the value. $.trim only removes whitespace from the ends of the search string.

Continuing further:

this.search_field.val() === this.default_text ? "" : ...

will use the empty string if the search field value is the default text, otherwise it uses said HTML-escaped search string.

searchText = ...

simply assigns that into a variable.

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thanks for your answer, that's limpid –  ZalemCitizen Dec 7 '12 at 13:34

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