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I have a textbox field, and i want to regulate whats typed in.

I dont want users to type more or less then 6-10 characters. here is my regex for limiting the characters ^.{6,10}$ I got this part working, but I also dont want users to type in whitespace(space). Now i am able to detect whitespace from the beginning of the input and ending of the input, but not if the user types in space in middle of the text. see example.

" testing" = regulator detects the space in the beginning. regex i use ^[^\s].+[^\s]$
"testing " = regulator detects the space in the end. regex i use here is same as abow
"test ing" = regulator does not detect the space in the middle. tried different regex with no luck.

how can i create a regulator which will do all that i require?

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It is the problem with your . which matches everything

Do this


[^\s] matches any character except space



\w is similar to [\da-zA-Z_]

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thanks, ^[^\s]{6,10}$ worked like a charm –  Mana Dec 5 '12 at 12:56

Some1.Kill.The.DJ answers is great, but for your personnal knowledge, you can also use the following:


\S matches any characters except space the same way [^\s] does

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