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  • I've developed an app for my company that has the following architecture: Channels contains Shows contains Episodes.
  • So I have a view/page to view each type's detailed data.
  • I also have the main view (shown when app is opened) which views recent episodes.
  • (So usually the user opens the app, sees the recent episodes, and from there they can navigate to the episode page, show page for an episode and/or channel page for an episode).
  • Each Channel represent a client of ours.
  • The already developed app previews all episodes we have. (Thus we preview all channels, shows and episodes).
  • We need to make client specific apps (that should look exactly like our main app for now) but the only difference is, a client app should preview only their channel data.
  • I request the data from our service on the app and parse the JSON response and preview the data.
  • When I send a request to the service, I also send a key which specifies the app as a client or as a master app (our main app). And then the web service would only send the data mapped with this key.
  • For example: if I send a request with key "abc" I only get shows and episodes for channel "1".
  • So far, this is working great.
  • My problems are:
  • What I want to achieve is, do a couple of things, rebuild. And I got a new client specific app.
  • To achieve this I need to change: #1) Splash and Icons. #2) String resources (A client may name an episode as an article instead). #3) Background colors, buttons styles etc. #4) Remove the way to open a channel page if it's a client's version. #5) Remove additional options that only users of the main can use. (for example: upload) #6) Of course, when for example searching, only get results from server for this client. (Which as mentioned earlier, this is already handled using the key sent with the request)
  • To handle the previous points I did the following:
  • I made a enum type that should hold the app style (Master, client A, client B).
  • Have an instance of this enum in the AppDelegate and set when app is first launched.
  • Do #4 and #5 by removing/adding options/buttons based on this type.
  • To do #3 I have a static like method that returns for example a UIColor used to style my buttons. And I call this method after a view is loaded to set a style to a button (Background or whatever). This method checks for the app style, and returns the value of the UIColor for this appStyle (client).
  • For #2 the easiest way to do this, is to make a new strings resource file, and load depending on this appStyle variable (if appStyle == clientA) load(clientA.strings) but I'm not sure how to do this.
  • For #1 I don't know how to achieve this, maybe I need to change the splash and icons before building.
  • Now all I have to do is change the value of the appstyle to clientA in the app delegate, change the key to the client's key (and change the splash and icons) > build > I get a clientA release.
  • And if this is a new client, I add new colors and styles to the static method, re-translate/re-phrase the texts or use the default ones and the previous step.

So basically the questions: Is this going to work? Does this make sense to make a source project that delivers multiple projects? Any pro way to achieve what I'm trying to do?

If this is an acceptable way to achieve this then: Any ideas about #1 (how to make the splash and icons less painful) How to load a different strings resource file at app launch depending on the set appStyle value.

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It's unclear how you've architected your structure, but I'd suggest moving to a plist that holds your structure -- from that if you create the functionality of the app based off of parsing the plist, you can remove applicable parts of the plist to build single client specific apps. –  propstm Dec 5 '12 at 13:37
Okay I found another question with a really great answer. stackoverflow.com/questions/4504716/… –  Ahmad Baraka Dec 6 '12 at 12:00

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You question is way to long to answer every thing in detail, but most of wat you want can be done.

Things you can't do is, change the app's splash screen or icon, there files reside in the app bundle which is read only.

All the other this like changing color and stuff you could do in the viewDidLoad method, check if the episode has some kind of style and then adjust the view accordingly.

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I agree, but I wonder if all of this doesn't sound odd anyway. –  Ahmad Baraka Dec 5 '12 at 13:46
You could use targets to build specific functionality or style per app and this is only if you want different apps per client. If you want to do it run time you will have to do it in the viewDidLoad –  rckoenes Dec 5 '12 at 13:47

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