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I'm a newbie of scrapy and it's amazing crawler framework i have known!

In my project, I sent more than 90, 000 requests, but there are some of them failed. I set the log level to be INFO, and i just can see some statistics but no details.

2012-12-05 21:03:04+0800 [pd_spider] INFO: Dumping spider stats:
{'downloader/exception_count': 1,
 'downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.internet.error.ConnectionDone': 1,
 'downloader/request_bytes': 46282582,
 'downloader/request_count': 92383,
 'downloader/request_method_count/GET': 92383,
 'downloader/response_bytes': 123766459,
 'downloader/response_count': 92382,
 'downloader/response_status_count/200': 92382,
 'finish_reason': 'finished',
 'finish_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 12, 5, 13, 3, 4, 836000),
 'item_scraped_count': 46191,
 'request_depth_max': 1,
 'scheduler/memory_enqueued': 92383,
 'start_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 12, 5, 12, 23, 25, 427000)}

Is there any way to get more detail report? For example, show those failed URLs. Thanks!

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Yes, this is possible.

I added a failed_urls list to my spider class and appended urls to it if the response's status was 404 (this will need to be extended to cover other error statuses).

Then I added a handle that joins the list into a single string and add it to the stats when the spider is closed.

Based on your comments, it's possible to track Twisted errors.

from scrapy.spider import BaseSpider
from scrapy.xlib.pydispatch import dispatcher
from scrapy import signals

class MySpider(BaseSpider):
    handle_httpstatus_list = [404] 
    name = "myspider"
    allowed_domains = ["example.com"]
    start_urls = [

    def __init__(self, category=None):
        self.failed_urls = []

    def parse(self, response):
        if response.status == 404:

    def handle_spider_closed(spider, reason):
        self.crawler.stats.set_value('failed_urls', ','.join(spider.failed_urls))

    def process_exception(self, response, exception, spider):
        ex_class = "%s.%s" % (exception.__class__.__module__, exception.__class__.__name__)
        self.crawler.stats.inc_value('downloader/exception_count', spider=spider)
        self.crawler.stats.inc_value('downloader/exception_type_count/%s' % ex_class, spider=spider)

    dispatcher.connect(handle_spider_closed, signals.spider_closed)

Output (the downloader/exception_count* stats will only appear if exceptions are actually thrown - I simulated them by trying to run the spider after I'd turned off my wireless adapter):

2012-12-10 11:15:26+0000 [myspider] INFO: Dumping Scrapy stats:
    {'downloader/exception_count': 15,
     'downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.internet.error.DNSLookupError': 15,
     'downloader/request_bytes': 717,
     'downloader/request_count': 3,
     'downloader/request_method_count/GET': 3,
     'downloader/response_bytes': 15209,
     'downloader/response_count': 3,
     'downloader/response_status_count/200': 1,
     'downloader/response_status_count/404': 2,
     'failed_url_count': 2,
     'failed_urls': 'http://www.example.com/thisurldoesnotexist.html, http://www.example.com/neitherdoesthisone.html'
     'finish_reason': 'finished',
     'finish_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 12, 10, 11, 15, 26, 874000),
     'log_count/DEBUG': 9,
     'log_count/ERROR': 2,
     'log_count/INFO': 4,
     'response_received_count': 3,
     'scheduler/dequeued': 3,
     'scheduler/dequeued/memory': 3,
     'scheduler/enqueued': 3,
     'scheduler/enqueued/memory': 3,
     'spider_exceptions/NameError': 2,
     'start_time': datetime.datetime(2012, 12, 10, 11, 15, 26, 560000)}
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Talvalin, thanks for your answer! Now, I have added dispatcher.connect(self.handle_response_received, signals.response_received) and handle it in method "handle_response_received" to customize what i want to log and make statistics. It covers response status error pages. But, there are "downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.internet.error.ConnectionDone" and "downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.internet.defer.TimeoutError" pages. How to take these into report? –  Joe Wu Dec 11 '12 at 14:46
I'll take a look shortly. I've edited your post to add this additional request, so please delete your answer to keep things clean. :) –  Talvalin Dec 11 '12 at 14:52
There is scrapy.signals.spider_error(failure, response, spider), which has documents: failure (Failure object) – the exception raised as a Twisted Failure object, it seems like a interceptor or listener for twisted error. –  Joe Wu Dec 11 '12 at 14:59
scrapy.signals.spider_error(failure, response, spider) doesn't work :( –  Joe Wu Dec 12 '12 at 16:18
I've updated the code. It should now track twisted.internet errors, though I'm not sure how to simulate a ConnectionDone or TimeoutError and so I can't be certain that those are also checked. If you have any additional requirements, please accept this answer (and upvote too!) and create a new question. :) –  Talvalin Dec 13 '12 at 1:13

Here's another example how to handle and collect 404 errors (checking github help pages):

from scrapy.selector import HtmlXPathSelector
from scrapy.contrib.spiders import CrawlSpider, Rule
from scrapy.contrib.linkextractors.sgml import SgmlLinkExtractor
from scrapy.item import Item, Field

class GitHubLinkItem(Item):
    url = Field()
    referer = Field()
    status = Field()

class GithubHelpSpider(CrawlSpider):
    name = "github_help"
    allowed_domains = ["help.github.com"]
    start_urls = ["https://help.github.com", ]
    handle_httpstatus_list = [404]
    rules = (Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(), callback='parse_item', follow=True),)

    def parse_item(self, response):
        if response.status == 404:
            item = GitHubLinkItem()
            item['url'] = response.url
            item['referer'] = response.request.headers.get('Referer')
            item['status'] = response.status

            return item

Just run "scrapy runspider" with "-o output.json" and see list of items in the output.json file. Hope that helps somebody.

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The answers from @Talvalin and @alecxe helped me a great deal, but they do not seem to capture downloader events that do not generate a response object (for instance, twisted.internet.error.TimeoutError and twisted.web.http.PotentialDataLoss). These errors show up in the stats dump at the end of the run, but without any meta info. As I found out here, the errors are tracked by the Stats.py middleware, captured in the DownloaderStats class' process_exception method, and specifically in the ex_class variable, which increments each error type as necessary, and then dumps the counts at the end of the run.

To match each error with information from the corresponding request object (i.e. with info sent through via request.meta), can add meta info to each request, then pull it into the process_exception method of Stats.py:

self.stats.set_value('downloader/my_errs/%s' % request.meta, ex_class)

That will generate a unique string for each error of this sort. Can save as Mystats.py, add it to the middleware (with the right precedence), and disable the regular Stats.py:

    'myproject.mystats.MyDownloaderStats': 850,
    'scrapy.contrib.downloadermiddleware.stats.DownloaderStats': None,

The output at the end of the run looks like this (here based on int-base url_ids groupID/memberID):

{'downloader/exception_count': 3,
 'downloader/exception_type_count/twisted.web.http.PotentialDataLoss': 3,
 'downloader/my_errs/0/1': 'twisted.web.http.PotentialDataLoss',
 'downloader/my_errs/0/38': 'twisted.web.http.PotentialDataLoss',
 'downloader/my_errs/0/86': 'twisted.web.http.PotentialDataLoss',
 'downloader/request_bytes': 47583,
 'downloader/request_count': 133,
 'downloader/request_method_count/GET': 133,
 'downloader/response_bytes': 3416996,
 'downloader/response_count': 130,
 'downloader/response_status_count/200': 95,
 'downloader/response_status_count/301': 24,
 'downloader/response_status_count/302': 8,
 'downloader/response_status_count/500': 3,
 'finish_reason': 'finished'....}

This answer deals with non-downloader-based errors.

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