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I have for example this code in my model validation:

  validates :fb_user_id, :uniqueness => {:scope => :campaign_id}

But can occurs that campaign_id has value -1 for different users, that raises the validate exception. It's possible to do something like this?

 validates :fb_user_id, :uniqueness => {:scope => :campaign_id}, if :campaign_id != -1

Can I put a if conditions inline in the validates statement or if not possible how can I do the trick?

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Yes you can do that. I don't ever use the new hash syntax so i'd write it like this: validates :fb_user_id, :uniqueness => {:scope => :campaign_id}, :if => campaign_id != -1 –  Magicmarkker Dec 5 '12 at 14:09

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Following the idea of MagicMarkker, I have found a solution:

validates :fb_user_id, :uniqueness => {:scope => :campaign_id}, :if => :valCampaign?

def valCampaign?
    if campaign_id == -1
        return false # skip the validation
        return true  # run the validation
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Thanks @damoiser This saves my day –  P. Santos May 28 '14 at 7:58

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