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How do you a pass jQuery object with data to a function?

For example i have the following object:

var el = $('#myelement').data('test1','yay1')

and additional functions to process object data:

jQuery.fn.allData = function() {
    var intID = jQuery.data(this.get(0));

function checkIt (myobj){
  $.each($(myobj).allData(), function(key, value) {
    alert(key + "=" + value);

Then I call the checkIt function and pass myelement:


But something goes wrong: TypeError: obj is undefined

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Actually, the allData function isn't necessary to do what you want. You could do something like this:

function checkIt (myobj){
    $.each(myobj.data(), function(key, value) {
        alert(key + "=" + value);

myobj.data() will return an object with all the data assigned to the element.

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thank you. exactly what i need –  user947668 Dec 5 '12 at 15:03

When you call jQuery.data() on an element, it returns all the data attached to that element, so jQuery.fn.allData is redundant. Rewrite your checkIt function so it reads something like this:

function checkIt(myObj) {
  $.each($.data($(myObj)), function(key, value) {
    alert(key + "=" + value);
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