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I trying to add javascript code to my view so i followed this tutorial and I added this below to my controller:

$scripts = $this->view->inlineScript();

But i there is either no alert pop up nor I find any reference to alert() function in the source code of the page.

Since I don't know exactly if I write those lines in the action or the view, I also tried this:

<!-- /views/scripts/contracts/generalinfo.phtml -->
<?php $scripts = $this->inlineScript() ?>
<?php $scripts->appendScript('alert("jfkasd")') ?>

but the result is the same as before..

Any idea?

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You have to echo out the scripts. Basic idea would be

<?php echo $scripts->appendScript('alert("jfkasd")') ?>

Or, is set in the controller you would put this in either your view or layout file:

<?php echo $this->inlineScript() ?>
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