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In asp.net i am using Membership where i have used Membership.CreateUser(login, password, email, null, null, true, out status); But I've the requirement where i want some more info from user such as Contact no and Short name

System has created tables for membership using aspnet_regsql.exe But i've above requirement with more custom column

How i can store them

Do i modify those table but at a same time Membership.CreateUser has only limited entities Please help

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personally, I think you will find .net's membership profiles to be annoying and limited. Your best bet is to roll your own as @Jason suggests. –  Eonasdan Dec 5 '12 at 14:52

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you could use the asp.net Memberhip Profiles. but I find it to be very limiting. For my last project, I created a separate table with specific columns to hold the extra data. the PK was the username. then I would simply query for the custom properties.

var profile = context.Set<Profile>().Find(User.Identity.Name);

You may also want to take a look at the Universal Membership Provider. It's much more flexible than the asp.net membership provider.

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